“Lambo?” Well…

I just wanna point something out.

I see a lot of people are constantly talking about making millions and buying lambos off of safemoon. You really shouldn’t.

Safemoon is a great project with a one of a kind team don’t get me wrong. But it will take a long long loooong time until safemoon makes you millions, because chances are you invested a couple hundreds to a couple thousands. maybe even less.

Now does this mean you wont make it? No. I believe the project WILL make it huge. But the constant wishing and looking for how you’ll live when you’re a millionare will set you off for disappointment.

You’re essentially driving yourself to expect too much, too soon. It’ll just be a matter of time before you run out of patience and become one of those annoying “when lambo?”, “why price down?”, and “when will team announce new products?” People.

If you’re in it for a short profit, have patience. If you’re in it for the long run, have patience.

A lot will immediately deny it, but the truth is that a lot of people expect the “long run” to be a couple of week or a couple of months. Some people genuinely have high expectations that safemoon will hit 0.01 or higher just this year. That is, though possible, very VERY unlikely.

Patience, patience, patience.

Have patience.

Without it, trust me, you’ll lose.

Stop setting insanely high expectations too soon. You’ll just set yourself for disappointment.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree. Makes me cringe a bit when I see all these posts about it. But I guess some people need constant reassuring or a dream (wether realistic or not) to keep them in the game. Without it, the moral of some will fall and they’ll just sell quick at minimum profit or even at a loss. If they get disappointed because they didn’t “lambo” in a couple years they will, like you said be very disappointed=lower moral. It’s a catch 22. Price prediction posts, lambo posts, buy now as you’ll never get it this cheap posts..all the same. I’ve learnt to just filter through the shit.

  2. Diversify, my friends. Don’t keep your whole bag in SafeMoon. I have enough invested in SafeMoon to buy a brand new car today, but it isn’t going to buy me a brand new Lambo anytime soon and that’s OK. I could buy probably Lamborghini itself when this is all said and done. That’s what I hang on to.

    However, like many others here, I know it’s important to keep my investments diversified across different opportunities. Other cryptos, stocks, etc. GUF is probably my favorite right now… IYKYK.

  3. Once wallet is out I’ll be sending all my Safemoon. There. I will then delete all my apps on my phone, save my passwords and see you guys in 8 years when I plan to retire.

  4. How about we let people be optimistic and not have such a pessimistic outlook. In life you can’t be afraid to fail. I get your message but we’ve been always taught to dream since we were little kids.

    I say dream until you can’t dream no more

    My opinion obviously

    Edit for context: I’m 40 and I have high hopes for safemoon. Wen aston Martin db12?

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