KuRich – built on KCC | Unique tokenomics – once you sell you cannot buy back | gem on KCC

There’s a new token that just launched, with completely unique tokenomics. If you haven’t heard about KuRich yet, let me go over some of its important features.

The token is KuRich ($RICH) on the KCC chain, a blockchain that has been seeing massive amounts of growth over the past month. The developer is already established on KCC. He is the same dev behind eWAE, the first self-reflecting token on KCC, with a market cap that reached $25k, and he’s back again with another token that is one-of-a-kind to the KuCoin Chain.

About Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000 RICH

Contract: 0x6a3584c0eee2ad097a83035d424b48a996482866

Because once you’ve sold this coin, you can NEVER buy it again. Swing traders may want to stay away from this coin, and if you’re tired of panic sellers dumping on you then this is the perfect coin for you. Panic sellers will be unable to buy after they sell their bag at the first dip they see. And while they’re wishing they could FOMO back in, YOU will be the only one allowed to buy that dip.

Once you sell… you cannot buy back in – really awesome!

How to join us:


How to trade on KuCoin Community Chain:

1)You need to set up metamask network for KCC.

2)Buy KCS (Kucoin Tokens = it’s like BNB, but for Kucoin Chain (KCC). You could buy KCS on

Create Account In Kucoin.

3. Once you got usdt or btc on, you could buy your KCS via the btc or usdt trading pair.

4. If you have KCS then go to withdrawals and withdraw your kcs to your metamask (KCC NETWORK) wallet.

Important! Switch the withdraw network to KCC. Leaving it on ERC20 will send your KCS to the Ethereum network where it won’t be useable on KoffeeSwap and you will incur pretty hefty fees.

5. If your KCS showed up in your metamask wallet you can buy first coins that are on KCC.

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