KuDogeFather [$0 Market Cap] [0 Days Old]

KuDogeFather ($KuDoFa) is a brand new KuCoin Community Chain project!

🚨Pre-sale has JUST filled on DxSale
(hard cap of 2500 KCS)🚨

✅ PreSale was **NON BOTTED** – 15 minutes and Filled, all organic. **Anyone could have joined** with minimal gas fee

⬆️ Telegram is growing fast, presale was launched at 100 members, now after presale they’re at 280 and growing


**Very clean group chat, great logo, and highly organized thus far.**

**Devs are known within a community group they created and manage for researching DeFi projects, that has over 250 members**

**Further Info**

☕️ Launch on KoffeeSwap

🚀 Launch at 3pm UTC on July 13th

⏱Launch is scheduled 48 hours after DxSale lock to build more hype and community participation

🤖 Anti-bot measures: 0.5% of total supply maximum transaction limit

🔒 Liquidity is LOCKED for 3 MONTHS



9% Overall Tax

– 4% Liquidity Pool Return Tax
– 2% Burn Tax
– 3% Marketing Tax

Slippage set for 9-14%

**Market Research**

🗿More and more people are joining the KCC Chain and aping into projects everyday.

✈️ Projects are launching at a higher volume, and safe projects will be harder to come by.

🥇With being a part of such an early Chain like KuCoin that is seeing rapid user adoption, projects like KuDogeFather will nearly be guaranteed to see enormous use and high volume.

**The price of KuCoin in the past 5 days went from 7 usd to 13.5. Growth is imminent**

**KuDogeFather could become a total moonshot! Minimal risk with liquidity locked on DxSale, and insane profit potential!**

**You do NOT want to miss this**

Telegram – [](
DxSale (Proof of Fill) – [](

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