Kraken and Safemoon

My buddy’s mother in law works at Kraken and is good friends with the CEO. We have a crypto group online we all chat in and he asked her to ask him about Safemoon so she did. Supposedly at the moment they’re concerned about the low volumes but if things pick up and everything starts doing better again then they would consider listing them. I thought this was pretty cool. Anyone can post whatever they want and I probably would eyeroll if I saw someone post this. However this is what was said so take it with a grain of salt. SafeMoon IS being watched by Kraken. Definitely made me feel pretty good. Sometimes it’s a small world 🌎.

What do you think?

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  1. Tell him the volume is low because SFM needs a quality exchange in the US. They need to see the big picture and put the chicken before the egg in this instance. They can’t deny the SFM hype, so they are being foolish in not capitalizing on dominating the US market share of SFM transactions…until the SFM wallet/exchange, of course.

  2. A complicated purchase option became even more complicated for new investors when IOS updated Trustwallet and removed DApp browser. We have a sleeping, but very vigilant Giant on standby!

  3. I’m sure kraken knows volume is tied to the market and btc of all things. But I’m also sure even binance would pick us up with time. We are very young yet. And if the team gets things out like they want they’ll pick us up left and right. People will bitch about binance but at the end of the day we’re all part of the same market. Shitting on one is like shitting on yourself. Sure they may be competitor’s but they know money brings more money. Don’t get me wrong tho there are tokens that give the market a bad name.

  4. I tend to believe more in the “why would strangers post lies online” than everyone online lies, so I can totally believe what you’re saying. NEVERTHLESS – why does everyone mention Doge volume or Doge price history or insert random ALT coin volume, when everyone (especially on here) knows Safemoon looking more to be like Binance than Doge aka a company vs a coin? Why don’t more people focus on what Binance did in 2017 than what Doge did? I’m genuinely curious others thoughts.

  5. Volume? So no to do with the fact they or no exchange can offer reflections? Basically their whole code would need to be changed. Hope your right but seems unlikely to me.

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