Keep the Diamond Hand Mentality

There have been a lot of posts on here over time about how many millionaires Safemoon will create if/when it ever hits $0.01. It’s easy to say you’ll hold for x number of years or until it hits x price.

The struggle will be watching your wallet balance grow to $100k, $200k….$500k…$800k… slowly over a period of months/years and not giving in to the urge and temptation of selling.

The idea of living off reflections at some distant volume level is nice and all, but imagine a few years from now having a bag of safemoon worth say, $250k sitting here that you’re compulsively, habitually looking at every 15 minutes of every day, meanwhile you’re living paycheck to paycheck to pay your mortgage or rent and all your bills. Just selling now would make such a huge difference in your life already. Then say the price drops and your value drops to $200k. Are you still going to hold? You think to yourself “what if the price keeps dropping?” Meanwhile your spouse is on your case to sell it because holy shit you have a couple hundred thousand dollars just sitting there, let’s please just pay off the mortgage etc etc.

I do really believe in Safemoon’s ability to create life changing wealth for people, hopefully myself included. But I try to prepare myself mentally for what it will actually be like to hang on to an increasingly valuable asset day after day into an uncertain future.

Need to set your mentality and convictions for the long term and stick with it. I tell myself I’m riding on Safemoon until I’m a millionaire or it’s worthless and no in between.

Happy holding everybody

What do you think?

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  1. >*Meanwhile your spouse is on your case to sell it because holy shit you have a couple hundred thousand dollars just sitting there*

    That’s why I’m staying single until I see life changing money 🤣

    No distractions, no flings, no relationships, no nothing that could make me not reach my goal.

    I’m focusing on myself, my business, my life, my happiness and hobbies, my gym gains. That’ll keep me busy for a few more years. We got this guys, diamond hand and diamond hearts!

  2. My plan is to set goals as to when I can cash out certain amounts. For example at .0001 I’m going to cash out 10% to buy a car and after that I’ll set a new goal. Like maybe at .002 I’ll give a percent to my parents so they can retire.

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  4. Realistically I would like to get some kind of safety deposit box or something of a secure nature but my 12 magic words in there then delete TW and sign something saying I can’t have to contents of the box for 5-10 years

  5. I watched my friend cash out 40k then buy back what he sold with some of the profit on a dip.gotta pay the game to win.I could have cashed out 26k but let it sit. It’s now worth a little more than 4K ….. decisions decisions.

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