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Alot of us are able to understand when a company doesn’t hit a deadline which wasn’t even a deadline it was just the goal and some of us don’t care. I can’t really say im disappointed, I have no clue what goes into creating software but I didn’t expect this reaction from the community. Im not selling, if you are because of this then that’s fine, hope you made profits. This is all apart of business and investing tbh. No need to bash someone for having paper hands or simply just wanting their own money but its kinda ridiculous how blown up this was and how much hostility there is for a few weeks delay. If your hodling, be happy paper hands are leaving and you’re getting reflections, if your selling then stop being so hostile to a project you were so confident in and I hope you made profits and not a loss but I also hope that when safemoon starts growing(my opinion) that you don’t regret anything. With that said I think im finished with the reddit, this isnt a place for investors, we need FUD to improve and hold the team accountable but my god do we act like children.

What do you think?

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  2. Exactly right it’s simple hold or sell but for gods sake stop bitching. I know everyone wants to be rich tomorrow and holding for 3 months has been so hard but relax and be a positive team member or please leave quietly. It’s ok Safemoon will be fine either way we love you to stay but negativity doesn’t ever help a situation. My glass is half full and all you half empty people I am sorry that the way you see life. I will continue to stuff my bags💰💰

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