I’ve made a site where you can check the most mentioned coins on this subreddit (and more)

Finding out what are the most mentioned coins on Reddit was always one of the things I always wanted to look at. Especially since the GameStop situation.

So here’s Coin Apes: [](

A website where you can see the top mentioned cryptos, exchanges, and some other stuff from [r/CryptoCurrency]( [r/CryptoMarkets](

I wouldn’t advise anyone to trade solely based on this data, I wouldn’t. I incorporate it with other indicators.

Also note that most data is based on the last ~40 days, so that’s why you might see a pump in this month’s activity.

I would say that **Hour**, **Day**, **Week**, and **Month** intervals are the most accurate ones. As I gather more data, I will add more filters and improve some aspects of the site.

You can find a FAQ section here: [](

It’s completely free, it’s a side project of mine, not a business so I’m not trying to promote it or anything.


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