It‘s July 2021…

… , Doge is barely hanging on to 16 cent. I still cant get my head around the fact that it once hit 72 cent and I could have made easy 52.000€ with the 6 grand I put in. The stress, the stinging pain in my forehead and the fear that all my money could be gone just like *puff* make me go nuts. I wake up screaming, sweating and I am barely able to breathe.

I finally calm down, because I realize its 2027 and I fell asleep at the pool, getting roasted by the caribean summer sun. The waiter asks if I am okay and if I needed anything. I tell him that I‘d love an icecold banana-milkshake and some prawns with garlic and ask him, if I could pay in Doge. He looks confused and responds: „What else would you be payin with, Sir?“

What do you think?

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  1. Back in 2011 Bitcoin was $1, then it jumped to $32, then it collapsed back to $1 and everyone said it was dead.

    Morale of the story: It ain’t over til it’s over

  2. I saw a girl on Tik Tok bragging that she bought 100 dollars in Dogecoin that morning and stated that she was essentially a millionaire now and be treated as such by her friends.. Idiots.

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