Its clear to me that many in this community want Cyber Punk 2077 to happen again…

I have been in the crypto space off and on since 2017. So needless to say I have made my fair share of mistakes and faux pas. But i feel like I can at least say that im (somewhat) more experienced than at least 40% of the people in this. Ironically i suspect that its this 40% of people who are the loudest with their uncertainties about SM as a whole. So I’d like to take us all back to 8 months ago to December, 10th, 2020. CDProjektRed Had just released an unfinished mess of a game after delaying it, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.

“Why did they release an unfinished mess of a game?”

You might ask.

Well… because the community DEMANDED that they stop postponing the release and they DEMANDED that the game come out NOW even if it was ready.

So CDPprojektRED released it… And the community hated it, saying that it was unfinished, bug ridden, and low quality.

Sound familiar?

The same people who are demanding that the Wallet not be postponed are the same people who will say “Its buggy!” “Its unfinished” “Why didn’t they wait!?” When it was them trying to pressure them into the releasing of something that wasn’t finished in the first place.

Be patient.

They’re trying.

If you truly think that the devs are sitting in a room spinning in a chair all day doing nothing then fine, leave. Believe me I don’t have blind faith in the devs. And I have pointed out my concerns about things in the past. But that’s on the things that they HAVE done and put out there, not the things that arent even out yet. I also don’t believe that they’re scamming or being lazy. I really do think that they KNOW that they have to release things perfectly or else not only other communities but also THEIR OWN community will be up in arms to point out every mistakes that they made. They’re covering their bases. Chill out.

What do you think?

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  1. I am one of the people that has criticised the wallet delay. I have no issues with the wallet being delayed at all, but the way in which the delay is handled is what I have issue with.

    To use your gaming analogy as I respect the reference coming from the industry.

    A hot new gaming company called Safemoon appears promising to revolutionise the gaming industry. It surges to insane amounts of popularity and grows past the popularity of most other, established game companies. It’s filled full of pretty much unknown devs, but they seem to have a very strong resume.

    Trailer after trailer is pumped out for their first game, tonnes of cryptic messages are revealed. They announce their first game The Safemoon Wallet, and give a release date for the end of July. Everyone is hyped or even just intrigued

    A few people question how they’re able to get a game out that soon? But they continue to assure everyone it will be done. July comes around and they fill up social media with how they’re smashing deadlines, the development is going at ludicrous speed. Everything is so positive.

    It comes towards the end of July and there’s no update. The game was meant to be in closed beta but there’s no indication it actually happened other than what was said by the developers, but people are still excited.

    End of July hits and the big announcement comes, the game is delayed a week and is announced as a closed beta on only one console. Now imagine you’re not only a consumer, but an investor in that games company and people are pissed. You’d have a right to question why the developers said all that stuff?

    Delays are fine, but hyping up that you’re smashing through progress then delaying something and not even releasing the project at the same level that was promised, or most people were lead to believe from certain members of the team, (full release vs open/closed beta) then delaying it at the last minute isn’t fine. It could have been handled so much better.

    Everyone wants the wallet to be great, take all the time you need. Just a real shame the way this has been handled.

  2. Thank you for the post! you just wrote what I was thinking about! I already made the mistake to be inpatient with my investment! I will not do it again. Safemoon will have a bright FUTURE after the wallet, the exchange and the Blockchain! just be patient guys and don´t make the same mistake!

  3. It was CDPR’s shareholders that pushed the game to be released on December 2020, to get that fat Christmas dividend. Devs knew that their game was far from finished, but they weren’t heard and had really no say. Your point still stands, though.

  4. People will not last the 4-5 years to get the returns they are expecting. Most holders have only been around a couple of months and are already falling apart. Crypto is volatile and risky, delusional dreams of getting rich in months are ruining people.

  5. Are the people complaining ignoring the announcement a few weeks ago that said the wallet may be delayed?

    Also, whats the rush? Hoping that the release will increase the price so they can sell? If that’s the case, let’s get this wallet released so we can get rid of the cry babies!

    A delay of a week seems pretty insignificant if the plan is to hodl.

  6. Great point! It’s pretty apparent that we have a lot of crying little bitches in this community. I’m all for critique for the team. Every business needs feedback, but all of this pissing and crying about a short delay is ridiculous. John and the team are pretty much damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The best thing to do at this point is to let them work and announce when ready! If you don’t have the patience or like what the team is doing, then just sell and find another project.

  7. I know for a fact they’re sitting around posting 🦉🦉🦉 for over a month now at least. Here’s a simple concept for you to understand. Saying “Safemoon is the evolution” and then missing a deadline at the last minute is gross mismanagement of expectations and extreme hyperbole. Safemoon is either the evolution or it’s a crypto currency like many others. You can’t make grand claims then say oh what do you expect it’s technology, delays happen.

  8. It’s not about the delay. It’s about the communication. You don’t set hard dates until you are sure you will be able to deliver. Delays are so common when developing software, I work with product development and global releases. You need to manage market expectations in the right way. You don’t have to release unfinish products, but you need to have the right narrative with your customers. They are the ones setting the dates, not us. Don’t do a mess, just have a clear status of affairs. Publish on your website in which state the app is, and when you have reached the last 2 stages then you can set hard dates. What would have happened if they knew the wallet app was actually aiming for July, but there is chance of delay, well then say end of August, or even September from the original communication. The community wouldn’t be disappointed. It’s not the fact of the delay, but the bad communication from the team

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  10. Problem is, from the beginning they made it clear they didn’t want to hype anything without knowing the final details. I’m pretty confident they actually referenced/used cyberpunk as an example in one of the older AMA’s without name dropping it (don’t take my word for it though) – I was surprised when they presented the dates for the wallet as I thought they were trying to steer clear of them but at the same time acknowledged that they’d have been smart about it and given themselves any extra time needed and then some…

  11. To be honest all this backlash would not have happened had they issued an announcement before this saying that the wallet will be more delayed, that it wont be full release etc etc. After all they set the expectations hinting at this! Even if the end of july date was just a goal, setting that goal and then bragging about moving at insane speeds, breaking every goal etc means we should have been due a corrective statement before the wallet news. It does not surprise me considering the circumstances that people are annoyed. However in the end and big picture this is not a big deal at all, just some clearer communications would have been appreciated.

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