It’s been awhile

I managed to buy safemoon back in March/April. I don’t know how, but I got some and it’s been sitting ever since. Seeing the price at what it’s sitting at now I feel like buying more would be a good idea.

The problem?

I totally forgot.

I bought it thru binance and have the safemoon sitting comfortably in my binance wallet, getting all those reflections, but now I’m stumped on getting myself some more.

I have close to 0 BNB. Is there anyway I can put usd from my bank into binance without the 10 day wait period? That’s the only thing stopping me. I put money in and then I have to wait basically 11 days just to put it through pancake swap.

If I have to, then I have to. But is there a way around it?

What do you think?

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