It’s 3:30am EST and the UST 10Y is at 1.28%!

>The retreat since the FOMC meeting in June has been rather swift and remarkable, considering the fact that most still view that the Fed is slowly tilting towards being more hawkish. As such, this is an ominous sign when weighed against that outlook.
This is posing so many questions with regards to inflation and the Fed and it is getting harder and harder to ignore by the day.
The latest downdraft in yields so far is stirring up some nerves as we see more of a risk-off tilt to start European trading with the yen higher and commodity currencies being punished, with the aussie and kiwi leading losses now.!/the-bid-in-bonds-is-not-letting-up-20210708

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  1. I want to start a movement that all Apes sell all
    Their mutual funds in their 401k and move them to a personal trading account and buy their own stocks. Fuck these Money Managers. They charge huge fees and provably using our funds and stocks to trade against us.

    If you don’t know sage plays and like a fund they have to provide a prospectus which details all the ways the funds are invested. You can buy all those yourself at no fee. Please everyone start passing this idea along.

    This is not financial advise, but advise to take back a corrupt system.

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