Is this recoverable?

Greetings, I am trying to do a favour for a friend but stuck at the last hurdle.

Basically, what happened was that she sent some coins (some Doge and XRP) to Coinbase from Binance, but it was sent to a USDC Wallet address on the Coinbase app (nothing to do with Coinbase Wallet app, to be clear).

After a bit of searching I was able to see the coins sent to the wallet via Trust Wallet, but this is just a viewable version with no way to transfer back to Binance rn.

Because they are the pegged versions on BEP 20, they will need to be sent back to Binance before they can be used again, right now they are seemingly inaccessible even if they can be seen on the wallet.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

What do you think?

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    if you sent them to Coinbase from Trust Wallet while connected to BEP-20 RPC they are gone and you cannot retrieve them on your own. A BEP-20 address looks like ERC-20 address (they are literally identical and can both be accessed using the same seed phrase) and they were sent to the BEP-20 address since they were sent from Trust Wallet that was connected to BEP-20 RPC. As a user of Coinbase you can only access the ERC-20 portion of that address. Coinbase owns the seed phrase to that wallet (Both the ERC-20 and BEP-20 have the same seed phrase, you cannot connect to BEP-20 through Coinbase though. Only they have access to it). This is why you will hear people say, “not your keys, not your wallet”. Hypothetically, if your friend sent those tokens to me thinking it was going to my Ethereum wallet, I would simply need to enter my seed phrase into a wallet that can connect to BEP-20 and I could retrieve like that then bridge it over. So before anyone jumps to any conclusions thinking Crypto is deeply flawed because ERC-20 looks like BEP-20 and anyone could make that mistake…. the mistake is using Coinbase and not owning your own keys. This is a step that should never be skipped. It is fundamentally the single most important thing about crypto. Don’t use centralized exchanges and make sure you own your seed phrase and the wallet provider does not have access to those keys.

    There is a chance that you could contact Coinbase to see if they will recover the BEP-20 tokens for you. Unfortunately, only they have access to the seed phrase of that wallet. They can do it, it’s a matter of if they WILL do it and if you can get through to them. The one reason why I think they will lie and say they are lost forever is because Binance is a huge competitor and they probably won’t help someone that is using BEP-20 instead of ERC-20, which they prefer.


    Your best bet is by really spelling it out for them because some support staff won’t have this knowledge and if you don’t either nothing will get resolved:

    “Hi, I was wondering if you could please assist me. I am new to cryptocurrency and I mistakenly sent my tokens from BEP-20 to my ERC-20 Address on coinbase not realizing they were on a different chain. It is my understanding that the seed phrase to the ERC-20 address I sent to is the same as the BEP-20 one. I am requesting either the seed phrase to my Coinbase wallet or that you send them back to the address they were sent from on the BEP-20 chain

    Here is the ERC-20 Address I sent to: (insert the coinbase ethereum address).
    Here is the BEP-20 Address I sent from: (insert the wallet address that it was sent from by check the tx)
    Here is the tx id: (insert tx id so the staff can reference the transaction)”


    There is a 0% chance you will get the seed phrase, but hopefully with such a strong demand, the follow up request they will take more seriously. If it is spelt out this way you may also save yourself a few days of back and forth because it may get escalated right away.

    If I were you I would take this as an opportunity to learn defi. Bep-20 has the best DeFi. check through the trust wallet browser. In future, to change the stuff from XRP or DOGE to USDC you’re going to wanna use []( Then use a bridge to send the USDC from one chain to the next. Although, for the most part, there is no point on taking coins off BEP-20 as it is superior to ERC-20 in every single way. This could be a blessing in disguise for your friend 😉

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