Is there any reason to put your Donut(s) on xDai onto the mainnet? (n00b here)

Hello guys. I decided to make a decent investment in DONUT and this community’s CP token after being an investor in Moons from r/CryptoCurrency … I have a lot of respect for these tokens and their communities in becoming the early crypto communities involved in governance tokens as one of the token’s uses. I have been interested in governance type cryptocurrency projects as a dev involved in marketing Devcoin for the past 2 years and being invested in DVC since 2017…

I am not here to promote that. But I have a question as a n00b to DONUT and r/ethtrader that I could use a clear answer from the community members. As someone invested long term (not here just to flip DONUT, def not going to farm it – hence why I invest money via other cryptos to get my DONUT) is there any reason to move xDai Chain DONUT (“Donut on xDai”) to Ethereum Mainnet “DONUT”? I know a gas cost arises from moving your DONUT off xDAI to the Ethereum Mainnet chain. I also chose to opt to receive my “DONUT” on xDAI from the distribution should I ever earn any in this community because I thought the option was a unique feature I would enjoy testing out for myself. However it is my understanding the real “DONUT” as it exists is really truly only the Ethereum Mainnet version and the xDAI Chain option is a nice way to receive your Donut from the Mods who distribute it without mainnet gas fees etc… Very happy to have it. But that means the true “DONUT” is the one on Ethereum Mainnet. Is there any advantage (besides showing your amount of donuts next to your username in r/ethtrader you have on the Ethereum Mainnet) to putting your Donut on xDai onto the Mainnet?

I know its a basic question but I just wanted to ask myself since I haven’t found an answer specifically to what I’m asking yet. Thank you and much respect for pioneering and also carrying on a project like this to the mods and the community of this subreddit!

What do you think?

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  1. Welcome aboard!

    A lot of the Reddit features require main net donuts to purchase, such as buying the top banner, special memberships, and governance vote weight. Reddit could change these over to xdai for us, but we don’t want to burn up favors like that in case Arbitrum/Optimism are where all the L2 scaling goes next.

    Other than that, your xdai donuts are as good as main net ones. The HoneySwap/UniSwap prices are sometimes a little out of sync, but usually not by much.

  2. There are a couple reasons pertaining to the ethtrade DAO that you may want your Donuts on mainnet. First, buying special membership and the banner can only be done with mainnet Donuts. Doing so burns donuts which reduces the supply, and if enough is burned may even contribute to an increased price.

    Most importantly, our voting weight in governance polls is tied to mainnet Donuts. So if all your donuts are on xDai, your voice cannot be heard in governance decisions. However, there is also a special caveat here, voting weight is also tied to Contrib (a non-tradeable token you can only get by contributing to this community) and follows the function of min(Contrib, Donut).

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