Is safemoon an exception to The Blockchain Trilemma?

“The blockchain trilemma was conceptualized by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterim in 2016 and it states that a cryptocurrency can only be two of the following three things, scalable, decentralized, and/or secure.”

Through the course of my research I’ve found Safemoon to be all three. Do you all agree or disagree and why?

For reference:

“Scalability refers to a cryptocurrency’s ability to maintain its performance, even with millions of users and transactions. For the purposes of this post, let’s just say that scalability is synonymous with speed.

Decentralization is where you have hundreds or even millions of unrelated computers around the world verifying and processing cryptocurrency transactions. If you’re wondering why decentralization is important, I’ll just show you this headline from 2018, when the 21 validators on EOS froze 7 wallets on its blockchain.

Security is pretty self-explanatory. This includes stuff like a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism and the encryption of its code.”

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What do you think?

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