Is it time to hunker in the bunker?

An all-time high for the S&P. Today. With retail investors pouring their savings into the stock market what might be the outcome? Hunker down. History is your guide. Go back and research 2007 and the Fed (who are a quasi-gov. mafia) They decide who lends at what ( a la Soprano). When THEY decide that whatever, they issue their edict. Only they aren’t always right and they don’t always know what is going on. Therefore, throw the Fed out the window and follow history–when they proclaim and the stats (like inflation) disprove their proclamations AND the market is at an all-time high for no reason, it is time to take your money and hunker in a bunker. Ask yourself: what do I have to lose? ( the answer: my portfolio) As for the meme stocks, hold. You have the upperhand with the shorts.

What do you think?

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  1. This man does not understand how the FED works…

    Like at all..

    The fed decides the interest rate it pays on deposits that banks deposit to the fed. That’s like saying banks are a mafia for saying how much interest your savings account gets. Nobody has to accept the FED’s interest rates and can put their cash wherever they want. So no it is not a mafia.

    Yes, they can be wrong because they are human beings. In the past they have generally gotten it right, and can self correct when they have gotten things wrong. For instance, they originally didnt believe that they would raise rates in 2023 but because of current inflation they are discussing it and making it more likely. That’s called learning from new data that contradicts your former thesis. OP should try that…

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