Is it safe to use one strand to plug into GPU and riser?

I am new to mining and have run into the issue of not enough PCIE cables. After doing some research, I have seen some people on youtube doing this.


Basically the set up is:

One 8 pin splitter with an double 8-pin and plug it into a GPU that has a TDP of 250 watts.

Then using that same strand, plug it into the riser.

Like this:[](


However, aren’t these cables rated to carry a max of 288 watts?


250w GPU + 75w riser= 325w total. Isn’t this dangerous? Or does overclocking the GPU make it acceptable?

What do you think?

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  1. Riser isn’t +75W power requirement, it’s what it’s rated for. It’s a path to partially power the GPU, same as x16 slot on the MoBo can supply *up to* 75W.

    The GPU will draw the rest of the power via the PCIe 6 or 8 pin inputs.

    In reality, a 250W GPU with 2 8pin PCIe inputs will probably draw like 200-220W via the PCIes and 30-50W via the riser.

    Ideally each 8pin out of a PSU should be carrying no more than the ATX rated 150W. If the PSU port and cables/splitters are good quality, over 200W is feasible because like you mention the pins and wires are generally rated higher, but it’s not without risk when running GPUs 24/7.

    You should undervolt your GPUs to reduce power draw, and therefore heat and cost. But my preference is that the cable setup can likely handle worst case scenario (TDP), not just the undervolted power draw.
    e.g. I run some 3060tis (200W TDP/ 120W UV) on single 8pins, I would never do this with 3080s (320W TDP/ 215W UV)

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