Iron Finance V2 TVL Outlook ($ICE)

After what we saw with Iron Finance V1, I’m wondering what you all think about any indicators for how Iron Finance V2 TVL will turn out

There’s this [marketplace on Polygon]( where people can trade on what they think will happen in the future. Trading there is putting the odds of Iron Finance V2 having more than $500M in TVL by end of July at just 27%. Pretty crazy since TVL right now is just shy of $900M and that’s only 14 days away

Are you also bearish on Iron Finance V2? I know it’s down 47% today, but what about over the next 2 weeks?

CoinGecko: [](

What do you think?

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  1. Nope it wont thats why I hodl and invest in BET because its the token of the the best decentralised casino [EarnBer]( ,BET gives you yield not from air but from the BTC and ETH profits the casino generates!

  2. Honestly, if being rugged on iron finance once isn’t enough, being rugged twice isn’t better lol. Statistically speaking, you’d honestly be better off doing a 50-50 dice roll on dApp casinos like [EarnBet]( since for such casinos the house edge is provably fair and going balls deep on wild-west crypto’s isn’t smart lmao.

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