Introducing Midas Yield: New App For Passive Income in Crypto

Hey, guys. My name is Trevor.

For almost four years me and my team are building the platform for passive income called Midas.Investments. We got a long path with multiple pivots to evolve with the market. At this stage, we have over $20 million in deposits and 18 thousand investors all over the world. Also, we are in the process of opening an asset management company in Switzerland with the target by the end of the summer.

The most be-loved products of our investors are 16% annual returns on Bitcoin and 21% annual returns on Ethereum. Usually, new investors find it too good to be true, since the average annual rates for those coins are 4-6%. Another thing that feels shady is that our current platform is filled with features and products, which typically confuses the new users and makes those rates kinda out of place. It makes me a really sad CEO.

Those rates are pretty real, if you take into consideration a relevantly small amount of capital we posses and market conditions.

In order to produce such yields we build diversified DeFi strategies using the protocol’s demand for capital. You know the current boom on the DeFi market. It has over 500 most talented teams building the future of finance, and all of them need only one thing to survive: your capital. This is what feeds their treasury and makes their token grow. Therefore, protocols fight in a highly competitive environment for the sweet TVL. The current tool for this battle is token farming.

Our investment team is doing research on literally every decent protocol on all the blockchains, scoring them on multiple factors, and combining them into portfolio with the goal of increasing the target asset (BTC and ETH). We also have a macro investment desk, which helps to identify the market conditions.

Additionally, for each strategy we apply one of the hedging tools to protect our investors from tokens price decrease and protocol hacks. It can be DeFi insurance, opening short on the farmed token, etc. It cuts down the returns, but still allows to have medium 25-30% APR on the market.

The reason for this post is not to engage you to deposit, but to invite you for the test of our new web app, which is focused on **giving you the highest possible yield explaining how yield is generated**. We want to find out how can we make the ideal product for this purpose.

My vision of the product is not the app itself, but the feel you receive from investing: confidence, transparency, deep communication with users. And it is impossible to achieve without your opinion.

For this purpose, we have created a telegram community, where we will be happy to share the alpha version of the app, our investment approach, and literally answer all the questions you might have on legitimacy, roadmap, etc.

So, my offer is: **you receive the highest custodial rates that are explained by us, while having direct impact on building the app for your needs.** If the offer sounds interesting, come say hello to I will be waiting you there.


Trevor, CEO of Midas.Investments

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