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DXSale changed the way DeFi worked and gave investors a way to mitigate risk with presales. Before DXSale it was dangerous to buy into a presale because people would just run with your money. You had to send ETH or BNB to an address and hope that you would receive coins in return. Everything was an airdrop before that and just as the space evolved then we are evolving now.

EverRise is taking the next step and giving developers the ability to renounce ownership. Renouncing ownership is something developers have to do sometimes to gain trust…especially for meme coins. The problem, however, is that once you renounce ownership you can’t get it back…until now. With EverRise developers will be able to launch their project through EverSale (presale launchpad) and lock liquidity through EverLock, but will have the option to temporarily renounce ownership through EverOwn. Developers can spend RISE tokens and initiate a vote to regain ownership. As long as the community votes to give the ownership back to the developer they will be able to take back control.

This creates several use cases for the EverRise ecosystem and more incentive to hold RISE tokens.

As if that isn’t already enough reason to be in this project, we also have Rise Radio where future devs/ admins will be able to talk about their project and do live voice AMA’s. EverRise is setting the standard when it comes to this. Before EverRise there was no such thing as a 24/7 radio show in crypto.

Every project in DeFi will be using the EverRise platform. Why wouldn’t they? It is already hard enough to gain trust from a community. Devs need all of the tools they can get.

There have been a lot of platforms that have launched over the past year and a half in DeFi that require users to hold their tokens to participate in the ecosystem. Over time those tokens have dwindled in value even with a use case behind them. This is something Titan has thought through and has created insurance for people that are long term investors.

Every transaction done with RISE tokens will have a tobin tax applied to it. What this means is 11% of the total transaction is redistributed to the ecosystem. 2% of the tax goes back to people that are holders, 3% goes to a marketing wallet, and 6% goes to a buy back address. This buy back is what we call our friendly whale and have named such the Kraken.

The Kraken’s mechanics will sometimes change (being dynamic in crypto is necessary) but the point is to be there as an insurance against other whales trying to crash the price. The way it works is the Kraken will market sell some RISE tokens for BNB and hold them until the time is right. When a certain threshold is reached (this will always be different) the Kraken will market buy RISE tokens and then burn them forever.

Buy market buying RISE and burning them the Kraken effectively creates a new price floor. As you may know the way price is derived in crypto is buy using the formula (market cap / circulating supply = price) therefore by reducing the circulating supply we are raising the price floor.

You more than likely found this project by learning about the Kraken, but what you may have not realized is the ecosystem at play here. The Kraken itself is just an insurance plane to help our price floor RISE, but we have true utility with a suite of dApps that are set to change the course of DeFi forever.

The way to make it in crypto will always be to invest into projects with strong fundamentals. Chasing meme tokens can yield you a hefty profit, but they can also liquidate you really fast. We have a gem in EverRise and projects like this don’t come around very often. We are less than a month old here…don’t lose sight of what is being built.

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