[Important] My letter to start-up investors

This post goes out to all the **new** Dogecoin **investors** out there! Ohana! Welcome.I wish to share some of the things I feel was necessary for a new investor like myself.So if you, too, are new to the crypto space *I* *thank you* for taking the time to read this article and I hope it can benefit anyone feeling like a rock in a hard place, not knowing where to take that initial look. And for anyone who bought dogecoin close to or on its peak ATH (all time high).

So, if you’ve put money into Dogecoin this is a great *first step*. You have now **entered** the **crypto space** and this is **good** as you slowly come to be more comfortable navigating your way around the platforms available to you.

I believe Dogecoin has acted as a gate-way, exposing start-up investors to all other cryptocurrencies and giving them the confidence to play with and learn more about Bitcoin, altcoins, the financial systems/banks, study TA (**Technical Analysis**) – how to DCA (**Dollar Cost Average**), what trends are and how to locate them; the **Wyckoff theory** and the **Elliot wave theory** and through personal experience look more into the **stock markets**. What is **SNP 500?**

So these are key things you might want to research for yourself highlighted in **bold text** in the above paragraph – especially if you find it somewhat difficult to understand what any of it refers to. Additionally, you could look into how **bitcoin** and **dxy** (**U.S. Dollar Index**) correspond with each other. Keeping up-to-date is key in this space as an “investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin. **Do your due diligence**!

Some key phrases that I regularly hear:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffet,”Time in the market is more important than timing the market” – Keith Banks,”Scared money makes no money”,”Money moves from the impatient to the patient”,”**Diversify** your portfolio”,”BUY THE DIPS” 😉


Key dates to watch out for: *28th July 2021 SEC regulations on crypto.*

This is my first ever post here on reddit and I hope it has value and attracts positive attention and positive feedback! I wish to integrate myself more into this community as I feel very highly of our potential to grow.

Yours truly,


PS. I look forward to reading the comments about the things you’ve learned during your time in the crypto markets and your experiences!

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