I’m honestly strictly going to invest into projects that are backed by launchpads, I’ve been scammed multiple times and I’m sick of it.

I’ve been scammed on multiple occasions and I’m surprised at how rampant scamming is within the crypto market. Pump and dumps, rug pulls and CEOs just disappearing. I’ve seen it all and I am more than sick of it. So sick of it that I’m only going to be investing in projects that are backed by launchpads. Not just launchpads but launchpads like Genesis Pool that join projects during their infancy. I think launchpads that join projects when they’re about to launch is just silly, but that’s a conversation for another time.

My question is this, are launchpads even a scam proof thing? will investing in projects that are only backed by trusted launchpads going to stop me from getting scammed? I am hoping someone could answer these questions for me. I refuse to get scammed again.

What do you think?

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  1. While I can’t answer your question. For you as an investor, a failed project has the same result as a scam, your left with 0. There is no fool proof way to avoid failure, very few projects truly succeed.

    That’s the risk we take. Scam or not, it might have started with good intentions.

  2. Launchpads are a pump and dump for the majority of people investing in them.

    Rarely you will see a coin continue to gain after launch but most of the time it’s down 50% in a week. Some come back after that and some decline and disappear.

    I think for the most part they aren’t scams but still risky.

  3. I don’t know what a launch pad is so maybe that’s something you can tell me about. But the only way you can be a little bit more safe when investing is picking up on red flags and understanding the tech a bit. My go to projects are ADA and Ergo but all there’s also solid projects in top 10 and some spaced out in top 100. Most things will probably go to 0 though , we’re currently in a bubble that will burst when the true value of crypto is utilised.

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