I’m getting tired

I know this probably won’t be popular with everyone, but please hear me out before down voting me to oblivion.

I’m getting tired.

I’m getting tired of having to explain why Safemoon is great and will be a game changer, only to have to admit that they haven’t solved anything yet.

I tell people about everything they’re trying to accomplish in Africa, only to have to admit that none of it has officially happened yet and a lot of things cant be released due to NDAs.

I’m tired of telling people how excited I am about the Safemoon wallet and exchange, and how tokenomics are going to be an amazing thing to have working for all their cryptos, only to have to tell them to that none of it is released yet ( yes, I know the wallet is soon).

I’m tired of all the cryptic hints that are constantly being dropped, without any real developments, the exception being the bridging which…. helped? It’s tough to even use this one as a pro for Safemoon, as it seems there arent that many pSafemoon holders yet and the price keeps dropping. Yes yes, future stability… more promises for the future.

I’m tired of going on Twitter to catch up on news, only to read about everyone saying this project is a joke and that it’s going to crater. Do I believe any of this? No, but man is it exhausting trying to “correct” the misinformed, especially when it feels lately like I have no ammo.

I’ve been holding since early April, have over a bill and keep accumulating. I believe in this project, but I’m just starting to wonder sometimes if I’m the delusional one at the party. Either way, I’m too stubborn to sell, so I guess it’s just time to peace out for a few months and hope that all the promises, all the goals and all these hints come through.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m just holding and don’t even keep up with it anymore like I used too. It’s too much. I dumped couple thousand into and will check in occasionally to see what is going on. If it tanks oh well and if it booms great! I used to constantly check everyday and had similar thoughts then just stepped away and will let the team do its work. If it was a rug pull I feel like they would have done it already so I’m not worried about the scam allegations.

  2. Take a break. Don’t feel the need to justify your investment and get everyone on board. I tell my family/friends then let them do their own DD if they choose and I don’t bring it up again. I hear it’s a scam and I even hear some people say all of crypto is a scam, but I trust my research and I know this will be big one day.

  3. I may be old but I can remember when I was a kid I ordered these x-ray glasses from the back of a comic book and they took almost longer to arrive than Safemoon has been in existence. Patience is key and I get that can be tough in an on demand world. A lot of the work the dev team is doing is going to take time to come to fruition. If you’ve done your DD and you trust the team and believe in the project just give them a little time. The end of the year isn’t that far off and I expect we’ll see great things by then. The x-ray specs, by the way, were a total scam.

  4. Bro. I don’t even got a job and it’s my birthday and I’m still HODL with my diamond nuts!

    Som are destined to have their name blow away in the wind.

  5. It’s part of the game homey. It’s the demons talking bcs u have hard earned money on the line. This is going to happen at a point no matter what. Anybody tells you different, they r lying. It’s us good investors that eat those demons and sometimes or most of the time that end up with a fat sack of cash bcs we fought those demons until it all worked out as you planned on making the investment in the first place. (Investing is the act of allocating resources, usually money, with the expectation of generating an income or profit.)

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  7. Ok you have my attention since I have been paying attention to PORNROCKET and just a few others I have a feeling about. Haven’t been listening to the SAFEMOON chat. If you will, just one more time in a simple list for us simple souls (LOL!) why should we by and hold SAFEMOON? I’m truly curious and interested. Thanks in advance.

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