I think we need an official news/blog section on the SafeMoon website

I absolutely love this project and the pace that we’re moving at, but think there’s a lot of confusion about releases and what has and hasn’t been confirmed.

I think a news section of the website would have a few advantages for us:


1. We would be able to keep track of what the plan is (wallet release or open beta this month for example).
2. It could explain benefits of new projects to holders and act as a resource to point people to when we get a lot of questions over and over again (for example a Bitmart reflections article, or whether there will be a 10% fee for moving to the new wallet).
3. It would be a resource for holders to explain things easily friends/family/colleagues in a simple way and could help us grow our holders.
4. It would be read by journalists who are writing articles on Safemoon and probably result in them being more accurate and positive for the project as most are pretty low quality in my opinion and full of half truths.
5. It would save the core team a lot of hassle in being bombarded by questions about the same subject all the time.

I know it would be more work, but in reality, it isn’t too hard to cover the actual releases and would provide a lot more clarity for holders. I write things like this for my company/industry all the time and providing clarity like this saves us far more time than it costs us.

I’m 100% all for holding and waiting for the devs to do their jobs, I have total faith in them, but equally I do see people getting twitchy or confused about conflicting information. In reality, the conflicting information usually comes from lack of clarity, followed by speculation as to the truth.

We have the audio/video side of things covered, but written content is great as it’s longer lasting and can go into more detail without the feeling of information overload. I know I’ve gone back and listened to bits of content a few times to understand it, and an article to supplement certain areas would be great for me.

I want this project to succeed and think it could be a great move in elevating our core value of being easy to understand and use for the average person.

What does everyone think?

What do you think?

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