The Hoots reference Hootuite ([]( a social media management platform. The service is commonly used to manage online brands and to submit messages to a variety of social media services, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Mixi. A lot of what I could gather, Hootsuite deals a lot with Social Customer Relationship Management.

DataReportal ([]( newest [Digital 2021]( reports series – published in partnership between We Are Social and **Hootsuite** – shows that connected tech became an even more essential part of people’s lives over the past year, with social media, ecommerce, streaming content, and video games all seeing significant growth in the past 12 months.

If you take a look at that report, you can see that Gambia is mentioned as part of the Full Suite of Global Digital Reports:

Looking at the report, you can see some interesting statistics about Gambia:

As you can see, in mobile connections, the growth of mobile connections was +4.5% in a 12 month period and the number of users of Social Media increased by +16%.

As we all know, Safemoon team have a great marketing team already. Hootsuite will allow the company to focus that attention a specific audiences namely those individuals in Gambia, and allow the team to grow faster and stronger in that region. That isn’t to also say that the team could not also partner with Hootsuite for Safemoon exchange or wallet integration.

Perhaps Safemoon may be the premiere social media presence in Gambia? Afterall, WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app and is one of, if not, the predominant forms of payment in China.

In Hootsuites own data from the Digital 2021 report we can see that WeChat ranks as 6th in most used social platforms

Partnering with Hootsuite may allow the team to create an all inclusive app for all your social media needs. Combining twitter, facebook, etc into the Safemoon wallet. This is my belief in what Operation Pheonix could be. Afterall, one of the major facets of the Safemoon wallet that I do not see discussed in great depths here is the social integration of the wallet as presented in small scale in the Safemoon Twitter announcement video:

Given the data we can see that Gambia has a fairly young population gathered in large urban settings.

With that population accessing Social Media primarily with their mobile devices in the hundreds of thousands.

One of the more interesting highlights of these slides is that the majority of the mobile users in Gambia use a pre-paid connection. This could highlight a a great use case scenario for Safemoon to be used in purchasing mobile data.

The Safemoon wallet beta requirements and a need for various types of phones and quality would also make sense when you look at other relevant data about Gambia such as:

Again, this is all speculative. But I hypothesize that Safemoon wallet will not remain as just a wallet, but may become a social media app similar in fashion as WeChat. After all, the devs did say that it is subject to change.



EDIT: Original was removed so I had to repost and fixed the first picture

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  1. Umm, HELL TO THE NO! Love the dedication in this post to write all that but I like the telecommunications mesh theory someone else posted better. It makes more sense and would do wonders for Safemoon and Africa.

  2. Meh if this is it. Using/partnering with Hootsuite really doesn’t live up to any of all this owl chatter over the last month or so, it would be pretty anticlimactic for sure… Also not one member for the Safemoon team or anyone else in the safemoon circle follows Hootsuite on twitter, well except for Dave Portnoy and he doesn’t count haha

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