I Sold All of My Dogecoin, and Why You Should Too

I may be overwhelmed with downvotes with this, but here we go.

During the sharp rise (then fall) on the night of the Elon Musk appearance on SNL, I was able to sell around $.65. While I love this community and am very proud of what this has become, I couldn’t take the risk, as I had already made life changing money. My initial investment went from roughly $500 to roughly $6.3k. I desperately needed this money for college, but I saw one last opportunity to change my life. I threw all of that into AMC and now have around 30k, which is still unbelievable for me. While I’m saving enough to pay taxes, this money will help me get through college and follow my dreams. All it took was the courage to sell.

Why should you sell? You should sell when you’re absolutely comfortable with what you have gained or lost. After watching this subreddit being so optimistic since the (hopefully) decline of DOGE and crypto in general, I fully believe that DOGE will rise again. While this is exciting, I want to remind people that, while this is a great community around this coin, you shouldn’t risk it all like a DOGE martyr. I’m a supporter of DOGE and will always be, but know your limits. I know it isn’t good timing to post this as selling now would probably be pointless for the majority of people, as DOGE Is back down in the .20’s, but I just want people that need that life changing money to remember: It’s your future that you HODL in your hands alone, no one else.

I will say, to everyone that has held this long, I have the upmost respect for you. You all have done the impossible and I wish this community the best of luck.

What do you think?

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  1. Your money, your risks, your rewards.

    I plan on HODLing for as long as I’m able. My goal is to have a healthy portfolio on which I can use to gets low interest loans and pay minimal taxes. I think DOGE will help me reach that goal.

    I have other coins I expect to rise sharply in value, that I’ll sell for a profit and start paying for some of my aspirations. And I have other investments I hope will provide me with a fair amount of passive income.

    We all have our own goals. Yours was college. DOGE helped you achieve that. You made it to your personal moon. No shame in what you did. And if you decide to come back and invest in DOGE again, we’ll still be here. 👍😁

  2. This is how crypto works, one person gets to their goal and take their profits and another buys low and sells high when they reach their goals.

    Everyones goal is different, what’s yours?

  3. What a flip flop! From “hold to the moon” two months ago, to “sold everything” from the 18 year old investor with 5 months experience. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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