I realized a pattern that bad marketing is usually the one to blame for the failure of a legit project.

The market got so saturated. No one wants to invest in start ups anymore especially after the shit coin pumps happening recently.
This means that most legit projects get stuck in the same category of shit coins and often fails.

If you’re thinking long term, you gotta catch the eye of the investors. You gotta show them why your project is worth time and money. YOU GOTTA GET EXPOSURE !

It’s so easy to get exposure nowadays especially with all the digital marketing companies out there. A lot of them are good ! I can recall one called Ojamu that has really good and effective marketing campaigns. They’re good at giving the right exposure needed for a start up.

And there are many more that also get the job done. All a start up has to do is invest a little bit in the beginning and see how much more engagement they’ll reap.
It’s not the only strategy, but it’s a really good strategy…

What do you think?

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