I Built a Bot Network on Binance to Print Magical Internet Money

A couple months ago I decided to build a trading bot. Without much trading knowledge and even less crypto knowledge, I created a really simple bot in a couple hours. It made $0.06 on its first trade. I was hooked!! However, even tho I had little trading knowledge I knew I could have executed that trade better. I began trading myself, along side my trading bot, learning, applying, and then updating my bot to improve.

It’s been about 3.5 months now and after a trying every pre-made bot trading software and improving my own bot network, I know have a fully self-sufficient bot network that reads the market and deploys bots on the fly to handle “deals” (series of trades). I’m improving it every day and will be apply Artificial Intelligence soon.

I made this video to demo this to my investment group. [](

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