I am filled with supreme pride and joy to countdown the official launch of the L1ght token tonight at midnight PT. Thank you to everyone who has believed in my vision to this point.

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First I would like to express how truly grateful I am to my COO Anje Walfoort, my CFO Michael Margrave, and CTO Zayaan Ibrahim, we have accomplished an unbelievable amount, in a very small amount of time. You guys are fantastic, and no matter where this project goes, I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done thus far. None of this would be possible without them.

In 5 hours, our platforms underlying token, [$L1ght]( goes on sale, this milestone is the first major step in transforming my dream into reality, and from their things begin moving even faster.

Our wallet, the FlashL1ght, is currently under development, with launch in September. The FlashL1ght will act as a simplified portal, demystifying the marvelous world of decentralized finance. Users will be able to interact directly with the L1ght L1st platform upon it’s launch, enjoy seamless in-wallet token swapping, dive into the integrated dApp browser, and purchase crypto with fiat through moon pay. The world is moving to Defi, and it is our intention to L1ght the way.

The L1ght L1st platform will revolutionize Seed funding as well as investor participation in the world of decentralization.

We have three unique goals through our platform:

1. Passive Income-

Step one- buy L1ght
Step two- Review Seeds
Step three- Shine on your favorite Seeds
Step four- Get rewarded when your Seeds turn to Sprouts
Step five- Harvest newly earned Sprouts for L1ght.

Ambitious Investment-

Step one- Open Sprouts page.
Step two- Sort by sale volume or Seed popularity.
Step three- Review Sprouts starting from the top
Step four- Buy Sprouts.
Step five- HODL

Publicly Accessible and Affordable Seed Funding for Innovative Projects-

Step one- Thoroughly map out your projects development timeline and technical details.
Step two- Design informational landing page with a finished whitepaper, roadmap, contact information, and verifiable information about the person/team developing the project
Step three- Develop token and have token audited by certik.
Step four- submit Seed listings. Include: marketing pitch, links to token contract, certik audit, direct contact information, road map, and landing page, as well as the token allotment for sale, the desired sale price, and the parent chains gas fees (ETH/BNB/MATIC) to pay for gas deploying smart contracts in each phase
Step five- Be one of the most popular listings
Step six- Get paid
Step seven- enjoy long term partial liquidity provisions across a variety of decentralized exchanges

We aim to do this through a unique process encouraging growth of remarkable projects. The process is broken into three phases: Seeds, Sprouts, and Harvest, detailed as follows-

Seeds: Promising developers submit their early projects as Seeds at the beginning of every week. Seeds are listed Sunday-Saturday, during which time investors are encouraged to research and thoroughly audit the platform, marketing strategies, code reviews, and market validation for the listed projects. After researching each listed project investors “shine light” on the Seeds that they believe have the most promise or potential. At the end of each week, the top performing Seeds turn into Sprouts, while the the rest are dismissed.

Sprouts: Successful Seeds are passed along into our Sprout listing page and organized by how much L1ght was shined on them during their Seed phase, ensuring users see the most sought after investments first and eliminating vote manipulation. A finite amount of tokens are sold for the Sprouts at a fixed and predetermined price for 28 days, or until supply runs out. After the Sprout phase, they then move on to be Harvested for L1ght.

Harvest: Users who have acquired Sprouts may hold them for their long term value, or they can provide liquidity for our Harvest pools. This enables users on a variety of aggregation platforms to access the Sprouts in exchange for more L1ght to shine on more Seeds. In doing so, users are helping the Seed projects they believe in the most build and sustain for long term growth.

More information on our project can be found on

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