How to whitelist Ledger address if it always changes


I’m confused about whitelisting my BTC-based Ledger address. I’m trying to withdraw some BTC from Binance to my Ledger Nano X. I understand that whitelisting addresses on Binance is typically a smart move. Also, it is recommended to first do a test withdrawal with a very small amount to make sure you’re linked up well.

However, I’m reading that my Ledger BTC address will change after receiving crypto. Apparently the old address will still work, but [it’s not optimum to reuse it]( Therefore, is there a point to whitelisting my BTC-based Ledger address? How do I do a test withdrawal?


EDIT: Peeps, I appreciate the attempts to help but either I’m super confused or there are contradictions everywhere. Even the mod I¡m chatting with is sending mixed messages. Ledger is saying that your BTC address WILL change after receiving crypto and that ideally you would not re-use that address. So why would I whitelist a one-time address? Also, I can’t really do a test run if I’m not supposed to re-use an address.

If I want to whitelist an address, the mod is recommending I reconfigure my wallet to not auto-change addresses. But that means the mod is recommending I re-use an address, which contradicts the official Ledger recommendations no??

What do you think?

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  1. > But that means the mod is recommending I re-use an address, which contradicts the official Ledger recommendations no??


    changing deposit addresses increases privacy if you give those addresses to other people for depositing funds to you.

    If you are the one depositing the funds to your own account, re-using the same address is fine.

  2. Your intentionally confusing yourself or fighting mental. No disrespect.

    Asked yourself this question: How can your funds become stolen by use of an address? Now, asked yourself: How does your seed phrase works creating your addresses [YOUR ACCOUNT] again, like legacy banks (account numbers). Big difference between legacy banks (account numbers) and blockchain addresses hacker needs your private seed! It doesn’t matter if you expose all of your public addresses YOU can’t get hacked! Why is this so complicated?

    Addresses are always on the blockchain and they don’t ever become old, they don’t disappear, they won’t fall off a cliff or run off down your street screaming. They are always there forever to be reused. Fact: myself using addresses (whitelisted) since 2017. Would you like to have it and send me funds?

    Kraken, Binance and several other exchanges provide waitlisting as a function to keep YOU from sending funds to the wrong address accounts. It’s a convenient service. Now, I asked again please explain how your public address get hacked, please? Whitelisted addresses are all public! They don’t become old and unusable. Also, you can recover funds using other wallets via your private seed. Please stop confusing yourself between private phrase and public addresses.

    Legacy banks:
    Common thought you can post a check online for all to see. Checking accounts are stolen because your personal information that identifies you are in hands of those intent to exploit. If they do not have your personal information your bank checking account cannot become stolen. It’s the exact same with public addresses on Blockchains.

    [knowledge ](

    Come give me big hug

  3. You have 2 choices:

    1. Keep same address and whitelist it, by doing so you increase security and decrease chances of 3rd party sending your btc to unauthorised wallet from exchange

    2. Keep different addresses and by doing so increase privacy and decrease chance of someone sending all your btc to unauthorised wallet by 3rd party if they get access to your ledger (as your btc will be split across different addresses)

    You have to decide what is most likely: someone trying to scam you to send to wrong address from exchange Or from your ledger.

    For example u make typo while sending from exchange – you are covered if you whitelisted the real address.

    IMHO using one address that is white listed is more beneficial.

  4. Is rather reuse an address that’s whitelisted on the exchange I know goes to the right place than have the access to send to different addresses each time.

    I see the whitelisting on my exchange account as the more important security step.

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