How to Tip Doge on any sub – Refresher Guide

To help spread the word and inform those interested, a run down on how to tip Doge ANYWHERE on Reddit. Spread it.


**How do I register for SoDogeTip?**

Send a Message to sodogetip in Reddit. Use the subject “+register” and the message body “+register”. After doing so, you will receive a message back with your public wallet address.


**I forgot my public wallet ID! HELP!**

Message sodogetip on Reddit with the subject “+info” and the message body “+info”. You will receive a reply within a few minutes with your public address.


**How do I tip?**

*Use the syntax:*

***+***u/sodogetip ***[amount] [currency] verify***

***+***u/sodogetip ***10 doge verify***

*A comment with the above syntax directly on a post will tip the post Op. A comment with the above syntax on another comment will tip the user who wrote that comment.*


**Where can I tip Doge?**

**ANY SUB ON REDDIT!** Yup. Introduce people to the feels of doing good every day outside of our Sub. Spread the knowledge and fun.


**What about Fees?**

Since this is On-Chain, you will be charged a 1 doge fee for the transfer. This fee will be drastically lowered shortly, in the next planned Dogecoin core release 1.21.


**Do I get my tip back if my recipient doesn’t register?**

Your tip will be returned to you after 3 days if the tipped user doesn’t register an account to recieve the tip.


**My recipient didn’t receive my Tip. HELP!**

Due to the nature of the blockchain, it is common for transactions to take a few minutes to properly settle. You may even see the deduction from your wallet before it lands in the recipient’s wallet.


**How do I deposit Doge into my tipping wallet!?**

Send Doge to you public wallet address from another wallet as you normally do.


**How do I withdraw Doge from my tipping wallet?**

First you need to register your Reddit account email. Message sodogetip on Reddit with the subject “+register_email” and JUST your Reddit account email in the message body. You will then receive an email from sodogetip asking to verify your email. Clicking the link will prepopulate the verification code in the message in Reddit. After sending you will receive one more message from SoDogeTip confirming. Your email will then be confirmed!

***THEN to Withdraw Doge:***

Message sodogetip on Reddit with the subject “**+withdraw**” and the message body “**+withdraw [amount] [currency] to [wallet address**]” For example: “**+withdraw 10 doge to ##WALLET_ADDRESS##**”


**Was there not an older Tip Bot?**

Yes, it was called dogetipbot and is no longer in service. The main issue was that it was not on-chain. Sodogetip is on-chain, for better tracking.


**Support Info**

* Main site:
* Quick-start Guide:
* Support Discord: discord…/nQ9aVTv

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