How to store funds securely for 15 years maybe ?

heya, i have been off reddit for a couple of years but after searching and asking around, i have found that here is the best place to get help…

so basically i want to store funds for my child when he grow up, how can i do that and make sure that he would be able to claim it later on.

Some people suggested that i store my funds on a hardware wallet, write the keys and then storing it on the bank vault.. i am located in U.S so any bank vault recommendations will awesome


never done anything similar, if anyone has experience in storing funds for long term, let me know.


* 1- what is the best hardware wallet out there
* 2- how type of items i shall type or save for him to restore the funds back even if i passed away
* 3- lets say he lost the hardware wallet or the company dropped support, can he import it to any other wallet ?

thanks for ur time

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  2. Every opinion is different, but here’s mine.

    1. Get a Trezor Hardware wallet
    2. Initialize it with a 24 word seed and 6 word passphrase
    3. Use a scramble cipher to split the 30 words into a list of words and numbers
    4. Store the words in one box and the numbers in another
    5. Keep the safety deposit boxes in two different banks
    6. Memorize the ordered list of 30 words over the next 15 years

    You want to take care to ensure no one gets both the word list and the number list

    **Scramble Cipher**: This is simple enough. You take your 24 word trezor seed and concatenate it with the 6 word passphrase. Now you have 30 words (24 + 6) in order. Now randomly organize this list of numbers 1-30 (ie `{ 24, 5, 23, 11, 25, 1 …}`). Now on a seperate page write the words down in the new order (24th first, 5th second, 23rd third… ). Nor your scrambled word list, and number list form two pieces of your seed. If someone gets one or the other piece they don’t have enough to construct or brute force your seed.

    Finally. For your 6 word passphrase, ensure that it is 50 ascii characters or less.

  3. 1) Buy a Ledger Nano
    2) Record your seed phrase using a metal wallet (literally a metal set of letters to write your words down on).
    3) keep them somewhere safe.

    You want a blend of security, practicality and reliability. There’s no point in locking your money away so tightly that you or your next of kin have no idea how to access it in 15+ years.

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