How to make money on tokens with lower risks?

Hello everybody. I’m a rookie trader and recently started to make money on tokens. But to remain profitable, I work almost 24/7 without any breaks, and I’m not talking about taking some days off. Honestly, I’m a little bit tired of this lifestyle, even though I’m in the field for less than a year. Besides, risking all the time makes me nervous and irritated. I wonder if there are any ways to make money on trading tokens but be on the safe side?


As a newbie, I’ve started with the most straightforward way by making a profit on my crypto savings. It is considered to be one of the safest ways to make some money on tokens. But as you know, the lower our risks, the lower our earnings. In my opinion, this method is the best one for newbies, but it won’t replace a full-time job and can only work as an additional source of income.


Later, after gaining some experience and familiarizing myself with some basic terms and principles of crypto trading, I’ve started to make money on Binance P2P. One of the main benefits for me there that there is no need to involve a third party as an intermediary. The exchange platform itself takes on this role, thereby ensuring the safe conduct of each transaction. The most important is that traders are protected from fraud. The transaction is carried out only when both parties confirm the fulfillment of the primary conditions. But this method also has another side of the coin. To make money on this platform, you need to spend sleepless nights and work non-stop by ignoring completely other aspects of your life.


In the meantime, I’ve found out about the possibility of making money on Binance’s futures. I can’t call myself an expert in this field and would like to hear your opinion. I would really appreciate it if someone shared some helpful info regarding it. Besides, I’ve run into some information to get some bonus if you are using a binance futures referral code. So, any piece of advice regarding the Binance futures will be highly appreciated.

What do you think?

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  1. « I have found the possibility of making money with Binance Futures » LMAO thousands people have been robbed >100$M being force liquidated by Binance during May 19 outage and liquidity issue, what a joke !

  2. Future Trading on Binance are high risky, But Makes a lot of $$$ Made with 500 usdt 10k. In 20 days, but that was in the high volatile phase. Now i have only 3k…

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