How to get Fiat on to Binance in the UK with the least fees?

So Binance have stopped Faster Transfers for us Brits to deposit fiat GBP via bank transfer but we can still buy crypto directly with cards. This is more expensive fee wise than the faster payment bank transfer way.

Do any of you guys know the best way to get fiat on to Binance with incurring the least possible fees? Or is any way of getting fiat on to Binance going to be more expensive including fees than just buying crypto directly with a card on Binance?

Also, I still have Binance set up in my Starling bank account for transferring money to, with the reference number I used to use. If I tried this, do you think it would be received at Binance or would my money be lost?

Thanks for any answers!

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  1. This also affects EU citizens now as well. Open an account on Kraken, deposit fiat, trade it for USDT and transfer the USDT to Binance using the TRON network. The fee for transferring is $2.5 and 0.16% for converting GBP to USDT.

    Alternatively, convert to XRP and transfer to Binance and convert back to USDT or another stablecoin but imo, $2.5 is not that large and with USDT I avoid volatility.

    Also, Gemini offer 10 free withdrawls per month, so you can deposit there and trade GBP for DAI and send the DAI to Binance for free, but I don’t know their trading fees.

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