How to check Spam coins in your Ethereum Wallet (Most are worthless, but some are worth a few cents)

I just realized that my wallet has several nonsense coins (probably sent by bots):

* DAPP (360APP)
* CEHH (Cehhcoin)
* CheGuevara (Che)
* HL (HotLove)
* PNS (Penis) <— LOL
* and a few others…

Etherscan doesn’t seem to detect these coins automatically.

How I realized was through Polygon Web Wallet ([](

When you enter the Polygon Bridge, you will be able to see the list of Ethereum coins in your wallet (image below).

Some of them are actually worth something, you can swap them in Uniswap. Probably not worth the gas fees though.


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  1. After detecting the spam coin, you can check how much they are worth on Uniswap:

    – Google the coin name e.g. “Coin X Etherscan”

    – copy the token address from Etherscan

    – paste on Uniswap to see if there is any liquidity.

    Most likely many of these coins are worthless, but if you are lucky there could be a few that are worth a few cents or dollars.

Probably a dumb question: Where do you all get your GPUs from?

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