How to build a community around my project (Discord)?

Hey guys, I’m recently started to build a community around my ERC721 project (which will be launched this month or next month).


And don’t really get it, how to grow a community around it. Getting followers on Twitter is not that hard (just follow other accounts and have a conversation). The problem is: on Twitter most of the followers are just followers, who not that interested in your project.


However, people on Discord are more interested. But I’m scratching my head how to make them join. Currently, I’m trying to promote my project in “share-your-nft” channels on other NFT Discords, but it’s really succeeding.


Does anyone have any recommendations?


*P.S. Btw on this Discord server I post everyday progress on this project :*

*- social stats*
*- solidity test pass checks*
*- frontend progress.*
*If you want to join – you can find a link in pinned msg in my profile.*

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