How should my portfolio look like?


I want to pursue my career as a blockchain dev, and I’m working on that goal every day.

I’m learning about technologies related to: blockchain, creating smart contracts. Learning solidity right know and bought myself a JavaScript course later this year. I also know HTML, really basic python and some C# but I only used it as a game dev because that is my collage degree.

Right now i want to build some dapps – maybe try to build my own swap site, and things like that. I wanted to ask how should my portfolio look. What should I focus on. What types of projects should I try to build.

I’m worried that there is no space for newbies in this space and I’m already too old for this and should have started to learn it way earlier. (I’m 21)’

ps: by saying portfolio – I mean my eth dev portfolio that I can show to someone – code and stuff, not my cryptocurrency portfolio as an investment.

What do you think?

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  1. I can’t give you much advice because I’m also a newb just learning, but 21 is not “too old”. The only prerequisites are 1) desire and 2) passion for the space.

    I’m 32 with zero dev experience and I’m still learning Solidity and React in hopes of a career change. This space is in its toddler stages still. Now is a great time to get in.

  2. I thought you were asking what your crypto portfolio should look like. LOL. I guess you mean what projects should be included in your developer portfolio. Obviously you should have an example of a ERC20 token customized contract and a ERC721 Non-Fungible Token customized contract.

  3. Your not too old, I’m twice your age. Creating and deploying and ERC721 contract on the Ropsten network shows a base understanding of core concepts. Coding a multi-sig wallet is a nice thing to have in your portfolio. Also, join a DAOs discord. They are extremely helpful and they’ll tell you exactly what they are looking for and how to go learn it.

    You can also work on non-tech projects while your tech skills are leveling up.

    I joined the Raid Guild Dao and can’t tell you how helpful it has been. Also, Hackathons are a lot of help. Eth-Global does really great ones.

    It’s fast moving space but still small. For example, I had trouble with a tutorial on []( and they answered my questions in the chat and email. I had a question about Rarible and the founder was available to talk.

    React.js and Solidty are they biggest things to have in your portfolio.

  4. The shortage in blockchain devs is unreal 🙂 every project i know is looking for devs right now. So – Don’t overthink it 🙂 generally building your portfolio will be crucial, since as a developer is all about building projects, not years experience, projects speaks louder than any words on your resume.

    Therefore when applying for roles it’s important to have your portfolio ready it doesn’t have to be many, it doesn’t have to have amazing UI etc 1-2 projects is plenty – especially for junior roles.
    Cause that will be a great conversation starter on the interviews and something that you could elaborate on – and ultimately will show that you’re passionate about the space.

    I know for me when I’ve started building a portfolio seemed like a mountain impossible to climb and i wasn’t sure how to tackle this so i thought i’d share some resources –

    I’ve found this YT channel very useful – [](
    Many ideas and tutorials on different dapps – How to create an NFT marketplace, NFT game, your own Zerion app , you wallet etc – you get the idea, you could just pick something that interests you the most and work on it.

    and you can use Moralis SDK and also have free access to nodes –

  5. Look, here is what you should do, go around making all kinds of projects you find in tutorials and deploy those, also have them in your git. When you have some creative idea, try to pull the trigger. If you really want to get involved with development I suggest you start being active in crypto twitter where I get most of my jobs from.

  6. as part of my job i have interviewed many devs including blockchain devs. i always pass on the ones that have a bunch of ‘hello world’ type projects. imo i disagree with some of the comments saying stuff like ‘deploy an erc721 to show understanding’.

    in practice that kind of stuff is the easy part. blockchain is new enough that a lot of problems are unsolved and/or not solved well, and many times you will have to come up with a new solution that doesn’t exist. i would recommend trying to build something that feels “out of your league” and during that process if you don’t give up you’ll learn the stuff that matters. and make it just one project, not more as more than one project like this will be super overwhelming.

    when talking to people that have done this it’s instantly obvious and people like this bring tons of value to a project, i’d rather work with one dev like that than 10 devs who aren’t.

  7. at 21 your life is only just beginning, dive into whatever youre interested in. you’re off to a great start and are on the right track. reach out to DAOs and other projects to do tests/audits once you feel like you have enough skills

  8. What you could do is look into different job posting from different Crypto spaces (such as DeFi, NFTs, etc.) to see what expertise they’re lookin for.

    You’d then pick the space where you want to get a job in and tailor your portfolio towards the requirements you gather prior.

    What’s IMHO important is that you come up with your own solutions / projects. Don’t just for a protocol, change some parameters and call it a day.

    Here’s an example: Say you want to work in the DeFi space and have a background in frontend development. You see that there are a couple of job posting for frontends devs which also require some Solidity knowledge. What you could do is write a frontend for Uniswap. That way you show that you know your craft (frontend development) but you also took time to learn (at least the very basics) of Smart Contract development given that you’re interacting with them via Web3.js or Ethers.

    I think you get the idea…

    The CryptoDevHub Jobs page is a place where you can start to browse for jobs in the Crypto / Blockchain space:

    If you’re looking for a guided “Getting Started” guide to learn more about Smart Contracts / dApp development you can check out the one on the CryptoDevHub Wiki:

    Also feel free to drop by the CryptoDevHub Discord to meet fellow developers / ask further questions:

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