How Safemoon can reach $0.01?

Recently have been studying a little bit on crypto market and Tokenomics and being Sunday watching a few videos on Safemoon. So here’s the summary of an interesting video I found.

How can Safemoon reach $0.01 ?

This is what we as community can do, let the Devs work on development.

First: We need to keep the interest in Safemoon up? Hype up safemoon every where. Yes that means participation in polls, any promotional tweets and everything. Don’t miss any chance to talk about Safemoon.

Second: Whales need to sell.. Whales move water, we are just sitting on the beach and getting our feet wet.
By promoting Safemoon we drive the price up little by little enticing the whales to sell and make profits… Once the old whales are down to like 7-8% holding, normal buying and selling can occur and price will go up and yes we will all benefit from Tokenomics…

Third: We need paper hands.. Yes that’s true. We need more paper hands to sell to make Tokenomics work. If they don’t sell the volume doesn’t go up. Diamond hands only refer to a few, we need people to sell to reach new heights. Yes it’s controversial but it’s true.

Fourth: We need new whales.. Yes I am contradicting my own point here but hear me out. We need institutional buyers to get into Safemoon and buy big bags at current prices. This is one of the way Bitcoin has grown up to so big . Big money will drive the volume up and price will rocket up.

These are some of the points, controversial yet I feel could help us in the long run. What do you guys think?

What do you think?

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