How much Bitcoin Cash should you hold?



The answer to the question: How much Bitcoin Cash you should hold is not a straightforward answer or a simple one to answer either, it depends on many circumstances and it also depends on who is asking the question and the current economic situation of the person that wishes to hold Bitcoin Cash.

Holding Bitcoin Cash is a good idea because among all the other altcoins Bitcoin Cash is the coin that has a greater chance for taking over Bitcoin because it is actually Bitcoin that works with very low fees and is actually usable regardless of economic class, Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin that doesn’t need any custodial account to scale like the competition is trying to do. The use of services like Wallet of Satoshi, Strike, or Chivo is a sacrilege in the crypto world after all you didn’t get into crypto just to ask for permission from yet another bank, you got into Bitcoin to be your own bank and you can only do that with Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Core BTC is pretending to be Bitcoin while they promote custodian services as a scaling solution. Latest example El Salvador will implement its own government-sponsored custodial service.

I say that Bitcoin Cash has a greater chance to become recognized as the real Bitcoin BCH that has kept its promise to be the peer-to-peer currency for the whole world and so the question is, how much you should hold? You should hold at least 0.003 BCH if you are not rich and can’t afford more than that because of your income. In some countries in Africa, the minimum wage is around $2 a day if you earn that little I would say you should at least buy one day’s worth of wages into Bitcoin Cash and hold it in your own private key.

In many other countries their minimum wages are around $5 to $20, and the rich countries like the US around $100 a day, that will mean that regardless of your country you should invest at least one day worth of salary into Bitcoin Cash, this will be the case for everyone that has to work for a living and that needs to work to survive, now if your financial life allows for more the better.

If you can save one month’s worth of salary into Bitcoin Cash that will be even better but that investment should only be considered if you don’t need that money to pay for rent next month or any other obligation. And you shouldn’t need to worry about that month’s worth of salary for at least one year, meaning that if you invest, you won’t need that money at least for one year or more; otherwise, you should stick to only saving one day’s worth of money salaries.

That is what I would say to those asking me how much they should hold in Bitcoin Cash because people earn different salaries in different countries these two factors could help generalize how much money you should invest into Bitcoin Cash regardless of your class or income.

Now for people that have more financial freedom things change a bit and they should invest that which they can afford to lose, and if you have some extra income I would recommend you invest it into Bitcoin Cash for the long hold, sit and wait is my approach when it comes to BCH. Not financial advice just my opinion.

Now I do believe that everyone should at least hold 0.003BCH but the more the better in my opinion and if you can hold at least one whole Bitcoin Cash the better and I will congratulate you too. If you hold at least 1 BCH, you should try to protect that from all threats and that includes emergencies. I would say that once you hold at least 1 BCH the problem becomes not spending those satoshis on things that you don’t need, so always have a little bit of cash on hand to cover unexpected expenses so that you are not forced to part with your satoshis.

And if one day you must use your satoshis to help adoption make sure you are spending your satoshis on something that you really want or that you will use and replace it so that you can keep your coins until the time to spend your satoshis without the need to exchange into fiat is here.


Try to hold at least 0.003BCH even if you earn $1 a day, and if you are poor try to put at least one day’s worth of your local wages into Bitcoin Cash, and for those with more financial freedom at least one month’s worth of wages. And if you are rich and can afford to lose one year’s worth of your income it will be fantastic too. Just make sure you don’t need to part with your coins by always having some fiat aside. And always use and replace if you must spend your coins to help adoption.

I hope this article has fewer errors than previous articles, please give it your review I will appreciate it.

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