How many Ethereum do we need to retire and live of from the staking rewards as passive income ? Hope this short write up can answer us all

assuming you’re in the US.

400 at today’s price puts you almost at $1M. 5% of that would be $50k. That’s pretty close to where you wanna be – depending on where in the US u wanna live. You could make the argument you need double that, though to live comfortably.

If the price gets to $5k (like we all expect), you’d need half that, so between 200-400 ETH

If the price gets to $10k in the coming years, you’d need 100 ETH.

I think $20k is definitely doable within 20 years, but I think we’re nearing the upper limit of price there, depending on how well the burning of ETH goes. So, 50 ETH.

So, depending on your timeline, somewhere between 50 and 400. I know that doesn’t narrow it down that much, but it atleast gives you an idea.

The upper numbers might seem unattainable, but that’s why you stake/lend your ETH now to start building your stack for the future.

Hope that helps!

Credit. This was written by someone else. Just wanted you guys to know !!

What do you think?

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  1. $20k eth would be about $2T market cap right? I don’t that is unreasonable in 20 years. Gold is 11 trillion market cap and it isn’t programmable soooooo…..

  2. It’s a difficult question to answer. Some settle for 100 and some even for 1.

    But objectively for the very long term, about 250 Eth would be fine. That including the price going up a lot.

  3. I never did understand how dying with millions in the bank makes sense. I watch my step dad watch his stocks daily while doing nothing. Makes me sad. I’m spending and playing cuz at 70 life is nearly over and the body starts breaking down. I don’t need much to watch tv.

  4. I have done the number crunching on this and I believe the magic number is 100 to stake or 64 to run two Validators. This assumes you only have basic monthly living expenses with out a huge mortgage or extravagant life style needs.

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