How does robinhood make money w/ no commissions?

If you’re a robinhood user click sell all of the stock you currently own. The total of profits is less than you see on normal market evaluation they present for ”real time”. Now exit that screen and hit the buy button. Magically you see an increase in stock price. You can go back and forth within, let’s say a slow estimate of 3 seconds (even if the market is slow and stable) you’ll see a vast difference in price. A brokerage that boasts no commission will get their money one way or another. I’d rather sell at a confirmed price than a ”projected” one any day. There is minimal profit when going with Robinhood than a brokerage that typically takes a small commission up front that will give a real time number. Robinhood basically steals money to make up for said no commissions which makes the name of the company well more ironic.

What do you think?

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  1. RH no commission is a joke. Especially for doge the spreads are huge. Actually Coinbase pro and Gemini activetrader which are very easy to use are MUCH cheaper than RH. Also in RH you don’t really have a wallet. In Gemini / Coinbase you have and in Gemini you can even pay with Doge with Gemini pay through Flexa / AMPtoken.

  2. This is we need to dump it. Any RH holders listening, buy some of the dip on coinbase, binance, wherever, store it on a proper wallet like the official one, exodus, atomic, etc.

    And when it goes up to let’s say 30-35 sell SLOWLY so as to be able to move funds over to a good exchange while having minimized impact on price.

    don’t wait for wallets. Doge is literally more likely to get deleted than RH to make wallets (crypto can’t be deleted…

    Well ok, the system can burn individual coins, but I mean like, doge gets destroyed entirely)


Very, Very longshot theory of OWLs