How do I Test tokens interacting with pancake or uniswap on binance network or eth? Other issues need urgent help

If there’s a BSC development community please point me to it. If not it should be the same principle

So I have a token that I am building using solidity and I am having problems with a buyback function anytime someone buys from the pancakeswap it’s supposed to buy . The issue is that I am having a hard time testing the code in testnets. Is there anyway that I can test this code with pancakeswap without redeployment to main net?

I have tried forking the entire blockchain with ganache Cli but I am inexperianced with it. So once I have ganache cli running through the command line I don’t know how to deploy a contract on it or interact with pancake swap to continue my tests.

What’s the difference between Ganache (the one with the gui) and ganache cli?

Anyway to connect remix deployed contract with pancakeswap?

Anyone want to look at the contract: there are two issues, the first one is at line 701 when you attempted to buy through pancake swap it gives you a error through pancake swap.

The other issue is in line 1088 setBuyAddressFee function doesn’t work the other 2 similar functions do work.

[Link to contract on mainnet](

Please someone help me haha

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  1. Haven’t done it with PancakeSwap but with Uniswap they have deployed their contracts on the Ethereum test nets, so you can test trade related interactions on there. I imagine PancakeSwap has deployed onto BSC Testnet and you could do the same thing there.

  2. You should look into mainnet forking as a simpler way to test your Smart Contracts on your local machine against the real mainnet.

    The CryptoDevHub Wiki has some FAQs which will show you how this can be done:

    Another way to debug your Smart Contracts (which are deployed to a Testnet) is to use the Tenderly Debugger. See the “Protip” here:

    There’s also the CryptoDevHub Discord you can join to meet fellow developers and ask further questions:

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