How do crypto projects and markets counter whales? I feel like they’re straight up taking over the market at this point. What can we do to stop them and the rampant scamming?

Whales are everywhere in the crypto market. Literally everywhere, It’s sad to see how much they’re ruining something so good and healthy for the world. My question is this, how are we going to stop this? What can projects do to counter this and stop it from plaguing every coin that comes out?

Not just that, scamming has always been a massive issue, platforms like Aurum and upcoming projects have been getting audited by trusted auditors like FightAgainstRugs and others like Genesis Pool have anti-whale procedures implemented in place but is all this really enough to stop all this crap? These kinds of anti-whale things and audits NEED to be the bare minimum and should be imo included in every single project that comes out. But they are not, they are few and far between.

What can we do to combat this?

What do you think?

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  1. Without whales the crypto market would be utter shit. Yea, let’s have no wealthy people be allowed to buy crypto—see what that does for demand and prices.

    You just need some sensible, not overbearing, regulation so that purposeful price manipulation (that is beyond a reasonable doubt to any judge and jury in a court of law) lands you in jail.

  2. The only way to stop this is to basically wait it out … eventually once bitcoin becomes more mainstream and people learn the truth on what it is and what it does then it’ll become more stable and harder to manipulate at least that’s my opinion

  3. For sure in these crypto markets investors need to be careful.

    Especially now in the bsc market where many projects are outthere, lurking new investors and rob the money.

    An audit is a minimum step to provide a certain level of transparency here.

    As far as I know the project Aurum is focused well to provide more security as they have planned an own secured browser offering numerous layer of protection to fight against rugs.

    Definitely to keep an eye on this.

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