Holding several Coins using Ledger S (need clarification)

Dear Ledger community,

I’m relatively new to the crypto space and recently decided to buy a Ledger S. I’m invested in quit a few coins, all of which are supported by Ledger Live, the storage space of the device however prevents me to have more than 3 apps installed at a single time.

Just to get this right, I can install apps, manage my coins A , B and C and if I want to manage my coins D, E and F all I need to do is uninstall the old apps for A, B and C and install the new apps – and I can do this as often as I please?

When reinstalling a specific app, the Ledger device will generate the same private key as it did the first time (given the same master seed) managing the specific fund? Did I get this right? For instance I am staking Harmony ONE on [](, deleting and reinstalling the harmony app on my Ledger S will not lead to any troubles accessing my harmony address?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You need to understand that your cryptos are not in your ledger. They are on the blockchains, on the Internet.

    The only important thing in your ledger is your seed (24 words + optional passphrase), i.e. your master private key that gives you full control of all the accounts derived from this seed.

    The apps on the ledger are just needed for the ledger to understand the blockchains.

    You can remove and re-install the ledger apps at will, this has no effect on your crypto accounts and balances, which are on the blockchains (not in the ledger).

    You can control hundreds of different coins with your Ledger Nano S, if you want to.

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