Hims & Hers short DD

Whats up everyone. This is a short DD thread on Hims. I just made my entry as I believe its a good time to buy. Earnings are on 8/11 and the stock just hit 52 week lows. Hims is a growth company and on last earnings went almost 100%. They also raised guidance after earnings which is always a good thing.

Also, with the delta variant and COVID becoming more prominent again, there may be a chance that lockdowns once again happen, which would of course benefit telehealth.

What is HIMS?

Hims & Hers Health, Inc. is an American telehealth company that sells prescription and over-the-counter drugs online, as well as personal care products. The company is best known for selling generic treatments for erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

Recent Acquisition news:

Hims & Hers to Expand UK Footprint, Acquire London-Based Honest Health

Hims & Hers completes acquisition of Apostrophe (dermatology)

High short interest on the stock, not 100% how accurate these numbers are but nonetheless here they are, maybe someone can confirm:



Short version: Growth company with potential, earnings coming up (they should beat earnings), and high short %. Stock also at 52 week lows.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m from the UK and wonder how this company could make money here. They seem to offer exactly what we can get for free through the NHS.

    I’d never used a paid for telehealth company when I can just go to my local GP for the exact same thing at no cost at point of service.

    What is their moat? And what is their moat over the NHS?

  2. I have high hopes for HIMS! Only because I don’t think it can go much lower at this point…

    have a hundred or so shares and 20 ish calls/leaps. don’t really see how this doens’t print

  3. Whenever I see something like this I think “WWTSD?”

    What. Would. The. Sharks. Do?

    Would Kevin buy a stake in a company if they walked through those doors and said “we ship people dick pills from our website, we’re seeking a 2.9 BILLION dollar evaluation”

    No, no he would not.

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