in Hi Doller token airdrop (2.5 tokens daily)

[]( airdrops 2.5 Hi Dollar token daily. you can register on their website or via their telegram bot (10 sec registration) [](

they are building a crypto platform, founders of []( and []( have invested in it, and other tier1 crypto investors. They have partnerships with netflix and uber (you can check whitepaper on their website) They give 2.5 Hi Dollar Token for 1 click in their telegram bot every day. When register they ask for referral code, you can just use CREATEACCOUNT code there and it will work. Their token already increased in price from 0.01 to 0.25 and is getting more and more expensive, over 300000 users already. With their current growth it will be worth 5 seconds a day to click a button for 2.5 free tokens.

1)Register in their bot [](

2)use CREATEACCOUNT as referral code
3)Click Claim Daily Reward

4)Repeat once a day. You will get 2.5 tokens every day

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I realized a pattern that bad marketing is usually the one to blame for the failure of a legit project.

NanoShibaDoge – cash money maker. Just stealth launched😍