Hey guys

Not to sound like a dick, but regarding posts in this sub.. if it doesn’t relate to SafeMoon can you please keep it to yourself ? Bringing your political and moral views in here is absolutely absurd. Regardless if we agree with your views or not ima tell you this, it’s fucking stupid & WE DO NOT CARE. There’s a time and place for everything & if you’re coming on here portraying your views for the whole sub to see knowing it’s going to get either backlash or start arguments in your comments is quite attention whore-ish, if you ask me lol. We come here for one subject and one subject only. SAFEMOON.

So please, keep the out of subject discussion starters to yourself & go troll that shit on a different part of the internet.

SAFEMOON ARMY, I love you all!

What do you think?

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  1. Totally agree, I am all for free speech but know your audience people we are Safemoon army, all are welcome but keep it about Safemoon!!! It’s like when I go to a Jets game I don’t give a shit about anyone politics, race, religion etc… we are brought together for the love and common goal of the Jets winning!! We are all here for Safemoon!! Stuff your bags spread the word keep the faith and be good to each other we are all in this together!!!

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