Here comes all the post bitching about “what about July??” Y’all hype stuff just to let yourselves down..

If you actually watching a AMA or Safemoon Sunday you would know that John announced that end of July was their GOAL.. That doesn’t mean it was a set date but y’all hype shit just to let yourselves down.. ok so 8 days after July and y’all ready to sell and give up? Please do.. please sell and leave this group and buy back in once we take off.. you have no idea wha my they are working on and honestly I can’t wait for them to release everything to shut all y’all the fuck up.. I’m done with this subreddit. People bitching like y’all are the reason good investors leave projects.. then y’all wanna be like “why price low??” “Why so many sells”… smh

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah I think one of the side effects of people addictively checking their safemoon balance and price and news 20x a day is they get very myopic about safemoon and lose perspective. I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m guilty of it too. But people need to take a step back, realize safemoon is only a few months old with very ambitious plans. I’m hoping for 1 billion daily volume in 3-5 years, so the exact timing of the milestones in the meantime is pretty irrelevant as long as I feel they’re hard at work on their roadmap objectives. If people care to criticize their communication of their milestones, then so be it I suppose.

  2. 8 days late, then sign up 10k people, sort through 100k applications then send out NDA a month after that for Android users only.

    That is slightly longer than end of July, people have a right to question what is going on.

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