Help me convince my peers

#SAFEMOONARMY Help me convince my peers and family to buy into SFM. They are aware of cryptocurrency, just not overly educated. I begged them to buy BTC 3 years ago and now they all laugh about how wrong they were.

I told them about an interesting new crypto and Informed them of tokenomics. But I still don’t have them convinced. I figured I would post this to the community and hopefully it gains traction and can be recycled for others in my situation.

A few of their main concerns are below:

– Supply (I have explained the burn process and significance of bridges)

– How do I take money out and put it into my bank account years down the road?

– What can I actually buy with it? What is its utility?

– Why this “altcoin”?

– What is so important about partnering with The Gambia?

– Where did it come from?

Please add any other information/links to sway them. Keep in mind, these peers/family were once the definition of FUD but are opening the door to understand/change. I simply am not well versed enough to concisely answer their questions. Help me safemoon family!

What do you think?

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  1. Supply will go down in relation to volume, volume will increase with all of Safemoon products are released, thus increasing the burn.

    You sell the same way you buy, but if planning to sell “years down the road” then selling will be the least of your concerns, it will be easier then.

    You can’t buy shit with it, except a few small business accepting it as payment, soon they’ll release a debit card linked with Apple Pay that will open up the doors very, very wide with purchasing power.

    Every coin that isn’t Bitcoin is pretty much conisdered an alt coin.

    The pairing with Gambia isn’t all too significant but if it goes the way we want it to it can open up many possibilities with more African countries and the mostly untapped African economy.

    Came from some guys brain.

  2. Be careful asking friends and family to invest. I have all the faith in the world that safemoon will surpass all of our expectations but you never know what might happen. If for some reason it fails it will ruin all the relationships of the people you convinced. My plan is to become a millionaire and help my friends and family that way.

    If you still want them to get interested I would have them watch a few of safemoon marks youtube videos on tokenonimics. It’s not hype, just facts about how the token works with math to back it up. After that let them make their own decision on weather or not it’s something for them.

    Best of luck friend, see you on the moon!!

  3. I keep it soo simple when I’m pitching safemoon. All i say is this:

    Imagine buying Bitcoin when it first came out, period. Safemoon is 4 months old, so buying safemoon is like buying Bitcoin when it was 4 months old. Everything else will come to fruition down the road. Buy and hold for long-term and you will be wealthy beyond belief!

    I think lots of people get turned off by all these technicals, 10% buy and sell fee, crazy ass amount of supply, burn function, Gambia, wallet, exchange, use cases, all that is just gibberish to the average uneducated person.

    Make it simple, hook em with the fact they are getting in on the ground floor. Make sure they’re patient, and boom.


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  5. Just be strong in your convictions. Trying to convince people is not usually the way to go. Just know that you have faith and keep moving forward these are the words and philosophies of many before you. The Wright Brothers, Edison, tesla, buffet, bezos, and musk all walked this path. None would be convinced and that’s ok too some people just can’t see the potential of something.

  6. I wouldn’t even mention The Gambia. There is nothing there right now other than a feeble relationship and no agreement/tangible evidence of progress.

    Make sure you point out that the entire market have been diving recently and to show them the charts in context


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