HELP! Dusting attack’ed

OT but needed.

Hi guys, i need your help.

Today i opened my wallet from bscscan and found that some days ago i received X amount of a cryptocurrency and the bag i received is worth a lot. I am a Safemoon holder and a have a modest bag so first i would like to know if i’m safe or i can get scammed in any way, im aware that all they can do is just taking track of my wallet transactions and theoretically get my infos (name, ecc…) . Second thing, the “dust bag” is worth a lot and i would like to somehow cash out it or convert into safemoon so that’s my question. Is it a good idea to create another wallet and transfer the dust to the second wallet, swap for monero and then re-send back to the first wallet? i heard monero is anonymous, will it work or they can steal my infos anyway? Thank you


Thats the wallet who dusted me:


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  1. The dust coin is probably not worth anything lol. What was the coin?

    They want you to think that it’s worth a lot so you withdraw it/ convert it/ move it etc. at that point your risk of being scammed goes up.

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