Healing Potion Update – Bot Yard moves to Alpha! What is Bot Yard and how can crypto benefit from it?


Healing Potion’s next product has moved off our local servers to AWS in preparation for a launch later this month early next month. We have chosen a dystopian sky theme and commissioned a number of pixel artists to create original assets for your viewing pleasure!

What is BOT YARD?

The BOT YARD has been built for the telegram/discord community within the cryptocurrency space, we are offering a listing platform/marketplace for all bots and bot related content! If you have a community and you need to source a price/community/security/game/snipe etc bot you can do so directly via the Bot Yard! We will offer bot creators the opportunity to list their bots as a standard or featured bot and allow the community to peer review bot products by a voting system.

Bot Yard will also have a similar listing system for Telegram Channels, channels which promote projects can often be fake or filled with bots to appear like large communities. We will offer any TG channel to list their channel as a standard of featured channel, once listed the community will be able to vote on the channel and its posted content. Leading channels will attract more legitimate users and therefore be able to promote a more active/responsive user base when discussing promotions with interested projects.

**🧪The Bot Yard will require voters to hold Healing Potion as a currency in their wallet.🧪The Bot Yard will charge bot owners Healing Potion to list their bots (standard or featured)**

The Bot Yard will grow to become the go to bot website for all your telegram/discord bot/TG channel related needs!

More Bot Yard updates will arrive in time, we are very excited to offer this platform to the community! Healing Potion have a number of upcoming utility platforms and products. Find out more about the most promising BSC utility project this year!

For more information about the live product GOLEM BOT check this video:

For more information about Healing Potion and its incredible future visit []( or join our community [](


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